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Welcome to the world of ”Oro & Oro”

A world of passion, elegance and creativity.

We are an Italian company that designs and produces door handles in the heart of Brescia, northern Italy.

We believe that a handle should stand out as a symbol of elegance, that suits your taste and your home decor, giving it a unique finishing touch.

Our designs vary in style; from simple and minimalist, to iconic classics, all the way to geometric cuts and futuristic designs.

We from “Oro & Oro” stand ​​point out that each model must have its own character in order to be a ​​to give it an exclusive identity.

To achieve this level of art, we have always collaborated with very talented designers in all our collections, allowing them to “think outside the box”.

As a result, each model has a clear character that speaks for itself.

Our handles are more than aids to a ​​to open the door, they are expressions of: ”Style”, from ”Elegance” and ”Beauty”

Make your door more than just an entrance, vturn it into a masterpiece with our handles available in a wide variety of finishes.

We believe that everything we do reflects our style and culture.

So if you choose “ORO & ORO”, you are not just buying a door handle for your door,

You choose elegance, beauty and style…