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We are closed from July 15 to July 31. Orders will be processed afterwards

Oro&Oro Belgium

Welcome to “Oro & Oro Belgium”, the exclusive importer for Central Europe of “Oro & Oro”.

From Diest in Belgium we keep stock in order to be able to deliver quickly. 


There is an extensive network of shops and showrooms in Belgium. You can go directly to your favorite store, but of course you can also make your choice from the comfort of your sofa, place it in the shopping cart and have your order delivered to your home. 

Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and Germany

Because there is no network of stores yet in our neighboring countries, deliveries are always made to the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and Germany. Please place and pay for your order via the shopping cart. We will then send your order.


When you choose “Oro & Oro”, you don't just choose a door handle, you choose elegance and style.

What are you waiting for ?

Quality guarantee

When you buy an authentic ORO & ORO handle, you buy a unique product, developed and produced under strict Italian standards

After all, our quality team follows strict quality standards.

Our Inspection Team follows European and Italian standards.

Special care is taken to inspect every step of the production process from raw material purchase to final packaging

We therefore provide a 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects:

  • Open and close mechanism

We guarantee the opening/closing mechanism of our handles for at least 200,000 opening and closing movements

  • Surface

We guarantee that the surface treatment will remain intact for at least 5 years *