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Find the latch that suits you

The trend is clear, many believe that a door handle should be functional and should match the interior. But how do you know that and how do you start?

To make life easier for you, we have developed an app that visualizes your choice on a door of your choice. This way you can easily walk around and sound at home and even try different colors.

 How does it work ?

Step 1: scan the barcode to download the application

Step 2 : follow the instructions and install the application

Step 3 : click on 'try a handle' and choose from the range 

Step 4: walk around and try your choice on a door 

Click on 'Try a handle'
Make your choice from the top 5 sounds at the top
Or from the full available range below
Take a walk around and try different doors, sounds and colours. Good luck !
Timeless black on white door
Galassia Titanium on white door
Alba on white door